Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 End w/ Shoe Haul

Here is my "End of 2012" shoe haul. I bought these throughout the month of December when there were so many sales going on. So, I got a lil' carried away but at such great prices it's a win-win. I've been wanting to add more color to my shoe collection and these beauties did just that. Of course I'm almost reaching the 6 foot mark in some of them but who cares? It's Shoes!!

Here is the line up;

Laurence |

Tatum-77 |
(Was totally stoked to find these after missing them a day late and a dollar short on for a fraction of their cost)

Tatum-01 |

Ann |

Mada |

And certainly last but not least, my favorite pair of all:

Roz |


  1. Awesome haul! I'm a shoe lover myself!

    1. Thanx girl, I know I'm always fauning all over ur shoes...

  2. OMG love them all!! <3

  3. love all the pretty colors in your shoe haul!! fabulous!