Tuesday, May 7, 2013

OOTN: Androgynous Meets Me

My daughter's ballet company put on a production of the romantic opera, La Slyphide and let me just say that all the girls and boys did a wonderful job. I am amazed at how much talent each and every one of the students have. My little ballerina and her class had two roles; witches helper and Swedish maids. Words cannot express how proud of my daughter I am. She is her worst critic and sometimes her views of herself can have such a negative effect on her but, with dance its just the opposite. It seems as if ballet has become second nature to her. She executes every move with such grace and confidence. I'm so happy for but, enough about that lets move on to the meaning of this post, What I Wore! For this look I was inspired by this ad for Bebe in Elle magazine I saw months ago. 

The androgynous look has always been an interest of mine but wasn't quite sure how I could use it for myself until I ran across this photo. My take is still quite feminine but, it has that same feel in my opinion. I decided to pair pinstripe pants with a black blazer instead of the reversed pair in the ad. I chose to add a pop of color using a vibrant shade of blue. It really compliments my skin tone and it's just a beautiful color. I took the look one step further by doing something I rarely ever do and that's by doing a smokey eye. I tend to shy away from this look being that my eyes are so small and them nearly closing when I smile. :( Nevertheless, I step out of my comfort zone and gave it a try anyhow. Success, me likey!  Let me know what you think!

Here is an extra photo of my daughter and her best friend in costume!

Tuxedo Blazer | Forever21 +
Sheer Blouse | Forever21 +
Pin Stripe Pant | Forever21 +
Necklace | Gift
Gunmetal Watch | Charming Charlie
Wrap Bling Bracelet | Shii by Journey
Patent Leather Pump |